Bi & Beyond (Edinburgh) meeting

Bi & Beyond have two regular meetings per month in Edinburgh.

Day: first and third Wednesday of every month

Time: 7pm – 9pm

LGBT Centre for Health & Wellbeing,
9 Howe Street,

Further information:
See the Meetings page or Bi & Beyond Facebook page.

Unfortunately the venue is not wheelchair-accessible. If you have a disability which would make it difficult for you to attend any of our meetings or events, please contact us and let us know. We will do our best to help.

Bi and Beyond Code of Conduct

  • Bi and Beyond is a safer and inclusive space, we expect everyone to respect the code of conduct and each other.
  • We aim for Bi and Beyond to be a safer space for all attendees, regardless of ethnicity, class, gender, disability, religion and belief, age or lifestyle. Bigoted behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • While it’s our aim to be as inclusive as possible, this does not extend to those who abuse others.
  • For this reason, the group organisers will reconsider anyAn individual’s attendance at Bi and Beyond may be reviewed if they have been excluded from or asked to leave any other community group either within LGBT Health & Wellbeing or in the wider community due to any kind of inappropriate behaviour.
  • No-one within our group should be put under any pressure to participate in anything they don’t want to. This includes; physical contact, conversations, taking part in any activities, or social media interactions.  All attendees must respect this.
  • Do not make assumptions about people on the basis of skin colour, physical features, race, nationality, accent, body size, or religious belief. Fetishization (which here means overly focussing on one part of a person) of cultural markers and physical features should be avoided. This could be something like: “that’s such an exotic name” or “your dreadlocks are amazing, can I touch them?”.
  • Please respect people’s privacy. Not everyone who comes to Bi and Beyond is ‘out’. Please avoid taking photographs of people unless you have the consent of everyone in the shot and you make them aware of what you are planning to do with the photos (for example, post to Facebook, i.e. the world!).
  • Please bring it to the attention of an organiser if anyone is making you uncomfortable for whatever reason. Be assured we’ll take you seriously no matter how minor you feel your concerns may be. You can speak to us in person at one of the group meetings, email or message the Bi and Beyond mailbox on Facebook.

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