Bisexuality links

It can be difficult to find good quality information about bisexuality so we collected the following links from group members. Where possible we’ve found Scottish/UK sites for each topic (with the exception of the forums*).


  • ShyBi – popular community for bisexual and questioning women.
  • ShyBi Guys – community for bisexual and questioning men.
  • ShyBi Partners – forum for both female and male partners (but does tend to have more posts from wives/girlfriends). Unregistered guests can post.
  • Bisexuality forum on Reddit – varied discussions. Other ‘subreddits’ include queer, bipoly and bisexualUK. Allows ‘throwaway’ accounts (without an email address).



  • Uncharted Worlds, Bi index – helpful pages about bisexuality by Jennifer Moore. Other pages on the site cover polyamory, gender and body politics.
  • BiCon – the annual UK bisexual community get-together.
  • The Advocate, Bisexuality (US) – magazine articles about bisexuality.
  • Biscuit (UK) – online magazine for “today’s discerning bisexual woman.”
  • Deviance, The Skinny (Scotland/North West England) – short magazine articles about topics like sexuality and body image. Bisexuality articles include bi myths and Glasgow BiCon.
  • Brook, Sexuality section – pages about sexuality (links at foot of page). See Pippa’s story about realising she was bi.
  • Sexuality (NHS Inform) – explains about sexual orientation and related topics.
  • Pink Therapy, Bisexual page – reading list, links and guides to LGBT-friendly therapists.

Blogs/Video Logs

Sexual Health

Bi Networks/Organisations

  • BiMedia – up-to-date news about the UK bi community.
  • The Bisexual Index – a site about bisexuality and it’s perception in the UK.
  • BiUK – national organisation for bisexual research and activism.
  • – US site about the bi community (has taken over ‘’ domain that used to be a UK site).
  • Bisexual Resource Center (US) – bi community support and awareness.
  • Bialogue tumblr – US activist group aiming to educate the public on the facts and realities of bisexuality.

LGBT Organisations

  • LGBT Youth Scotland – like it says on the tin, support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people in Scotland.
  • Equality Networkpromoting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality & rights across Scotland.

* All based in North America. Note: we know the proper plural of ‘forum’ is ‘fora’. We’ve said ‘forums’ as it is more commonly used in everyday life – gratias tibi ago.

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