We have a meeting each month in Glasgow.
Bi & Beyond have bi-monthly meetings in Edinburgh.

What to expect at our meetings

  • A warm welcome
  • Confidentiality and being listened to with respect.
  • Between about 5 and 15 people at each meeting, including group organisers, faithful regulars, occasional visitors and usually a couple of newcomers.
  • We usually have a good mix of genders.
  • Age range is generally 20-50, with most between 25 and 40, but we’ve had visitors from 17 to 70-something.
  • A mix of married, single, same-sex coupled, mixed-sex coupled, polyamorous, monogamous, employed, unemployed, students, Scottish, not-Scottish, trainers, piercings, suits, Doc Martens, purple hair, grey hair, no hair, previously lesbian identified, previously gay identified, previously straight identified, always bi identified, don’t like the term ‘bisexual’, don’t like labels, ‘bi and proud’, feminist, apolitical, creative, spiritual, religious, atheist, party animal, shy, gregarious, disabled … and so on…
  • Above all, a safe place to be bisexual, or to explore the possibility of being bisexual, where bisexuality is accepted as normal and healthy.

Meetings usually involve a discussion and/or a speaker on a topic of interest to Bi Scotland members, planning future social events, or something fun like a game or watching a video.

Scotland's organisation for bisexuals